TFH 3D Surface Decorative Forming Machine

TFH 3D Surface Decorative Forming Machine

"3D surface decorative forming" utilizing thermoforming technology is the method to add the value to the surface of base material (for instance, injection molded parts) by covering and adhering the high level sheet. Suits for home electric appliance, buildings materials and automobile components.





Because of the heating by the hot plate, whole sheet surface becomes stable and heating time is shorter than radiant heating. Amount of roll-in sheet to the bottom of base material and adhesive strength become increased by Max. 0.9MPa pressure air.

This machine can trim the periphery of the products after the forming.




Main forming products home electric appliance, automobile components.
Materials HIPS,ABS,PC,PP,PET etc.
Forming method Vacuum and pressure forming
Sheet feeding method Air cylinder
Heater Hot plate
Forming table driving method Air cylinder
Model Max. forming area
(W x L, mm)
Max. height of the mold
Pressure Air
TFH-0121 170 x 120 50 MAX0.9MPa
TFH-0221 250 x 180 100 MAX0.9MPa
TFH-0621 600 x 600 190 or less MAX0.97MPa
TFH-1221 550 x 1250 230 or less MAX0.97MPa

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